Unstable Unicorns Base Game Card Game (deal)

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In this game, you can betray your friends without any remorse because you will have unicorns as your friends. This game is all about destruction and unicorns. The game is the creation of Tee Turtle and it comes with a combination of beautiful artworks, and precisely-calibrated gameplay that delivers a mesmerizingly magical experience.

By using unicorn trickery, as well as the application of blind faith, the creators overcome a lot of challenges to come up with a highly thought game that is loved by millions of people across the globe. It has been described as one of the best strategic card games you will ever play and it is a highly addictive one, especially if you love the likes of Secret Hitler Card Game and Cards Against Humanity Card games, or games with similar concepts along those lines. It is played with between two and eight players, though it also features several killer expansions as well as base decks.

Build a unicorn army and betray your friends

This is one of those games that will make you and your friends knew just how strong your friendship bonds are. Though not necessarily applicable to the real world, it is an exciting game where you work hard to build a strong army of unicorns which you will then turn to when betraying your friends. Before delving into how to play the game, here is a look at some of the components you will be using to set up the game-:

  • 14 Instant cards
  • 8 Downgrade cards
  • 30 Magical Unicorn cards
  • 13 Baby unicorn cards
  • 23 Magic cards
  • 22 Basic unicorn cards
  • 14 Upgrade cards

The objective of the game

In this game, the winner will be the person who will be the first to have the required number of unicorns in their stable, and everyone will have to bow down for them. After that and until the next game starts, they will be referred to The Righteous Ruler of All Things Magical. When the game is played between three and five players, a total of seven unicorns will be needed to win, and when the game is played between six and eight players, the first person to find six unicorns will become the winner.

How to play the game

The gameplay is very simple once you get the setup right. With the setup on, every player will draw a card. They will play the card on their hand, or they will draw another one. In as much as a magic card or a magical unicorn can have a significant and immediate effect on the game, it should be noted that at the start of every turn, the stable upgrades should always be on the stable if the players are to utilize their benefits. Also, you should know that this game comes with a hand limit of seven cards. If you will find yourself with many cards, you will have to discard the rest.

The aim of every player should be to collect a total of seven unicorns, but you can always win based on the number of unicorns you have as well as the number of players you are playing with according to the rules of the game.

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