The Voting Game (deal)

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The Voting Game is an adult party game designed to bring to light a variety of hilarious truths about your friends and reveal just the kinds of friendships you may be having. In every round, there will be anonymous voting for the friend that shall have been described by the current question. At the end of the round, all the votes will be tallied to reveal the personality of your respective friends.

When you play this game with new or cold friends, you will have an incredible chance to discover lots of things about them and about yourself that you might have never imagined. Unlike most of the games, this game is not looking for an outright winner, though it is possible to win, which is never the emphasis of this game.

The Voting Game is available in a variety of variation

Unlike most adult games that are focused along just one storyline or a single concept, the Voting Game comes with several variations and this brings a lot of versatility in that players can who doesn’t like one variation can always opt to play the variations they feel they are most comfortable with. However, all the variations involve some sort of voting, only that what you will be voting for or why you will be voting will vary from one variation to another. Here is a brief look at some of the variations-:

The Voting Game NSFW Expansion – this variation is not recommended for the faint-hearted. The questions in these variations hold nothing back, and you will end up learning incredible things about yourself and the rest of the players. Due to the nature of the questions in this pack, it is not recommended for grandmas as well as clergymen or persons with strong religious inclinations.

The Voting Game Fill in the Blanks Expansion – with this variation, you will have to get very creative. Every question will feature a blank space and when your turn reaches, you will be expected to fill in the blank space. This pack comes with 100 cards worth of questions, and this means that you should be prepared to answer at least 100 questions about yourself.

The Voting Game Political Expansion – the questions in this park are related to politics and instead of voting for any real-world politicians, you will be voting for your friends. The pack comes with a set of 36 political questions.

The Voting Game Create Your Own Expansion – this variation features anonymous questions, but before the rounds start, every player will have to create a few questions. The questions can be personal and may include names and jokes.

How to play the Voting Game

The step involved in playing the voting game is quite easy. At the beginning of the game is revealed. A typical question may be, whose house is likely to survive a nuclear attack? The players will then vote anonymously for the person whom they think their home might survive such an attack. The results will then be tallied, and the winner announced. Expect lots of laughter.

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