Game Card Bad People (Deal)

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Game Card Bad People is reputed as one of the best adult party games that you should probably not be playing, but if all you intend is to have fun and get the most out of your party, then it is one of the best party games you will ever share with your friends. It is a hilarious adult party game where you vote for your friends on a variety of brutal and outrageous questions.

With it, you can easily find out what your friends think about you and also get to know your friends in a perspective you might have never imagined. It is all about sharing crazy and ridiculous stories about each other and without ever getting offended on some of the things you will learn that your friends think about you.

It comes with easy to learn rules

Just like most of the adult party games, you will come across, Game Card Bad People comes with a set of few rules that anyone can learn in a short time and get going with the game. Normally, the game comes in a pack of 290 hilarious cards, 170 question cards, 10 double down cards, and 100 voting cards. The game can be played by a maximum of ten people all at once.

How the game is played

The process of playing the game is quite easy, and even if you have never played it before, you can simply sit and watch a couple of rounds, then you will be good to go in a matter of minutes. But that notwithstanding, here are the precise steps that should be followed when playing the game. In some cases, it is allowed to bend the rules slightly, but such should not be done to distort the entire flow of the game.

Step 1: Choose an identity – in this step, you will choose a Player Identity Card and then place it face up before you. You will then go ahead and collect a voting card for every person taking part in the game.

Step 2: Ask the question – according to the rules, it is always the first person to arrive that will start as the Dictator. He will pick one question card and then read it out aloud.

Step 3: Cast the votes – voting happens by the dictator placing the voting card matching the player face down in front of them. It is important that every player casts their votes silently by simply guessing who the Dictator might have voted for.

Step 4: Votes revelation – every player will then take a turn at revealing who they had voted for, with the Dictator being the last one to reveal their votes. If anyone voted the same as the dictator, then they earn a point.

After every round, the role of the Dictator will go to the person seated on the left of the initial Dictator and this will be rotated until the game is terminated, or until everyone has become a dictator. The first person to accumulate a total of seven points becomes the winner.

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